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Pleasure Seeker: Goddess Be Fearless in Your Journey to Self Love and This Will Pour Over Into Everything

Joy & James interview Yvonne, Pleasure Coach, about the work she does to connect people to their bodies, their real desires and ultimate self love. Goddess, you will walk away feeling a bit more empowered to cultivate that glow on your own....or with a partner! Follow Yvonne @pleasureseeker_yvonne on IG to start that journey of unboxing all the parts of you that you may have been ignoring. 


For direct questions about her work, you can email her at

Goddess, Who is Your Dance Partner: Understanding the Narcissistic & Co-Dependent Relationship

James and Joy explore the relationship between a narcissist and co-dependent personality. They also add insight into a common pitfall of these relationships; Gaslighting.

The Goddess Chi, Love Genie & Matchmaker: Staying in the Fight for the Love We Deserve

In this episode, James & Joy Interview Chi, Love Genie & Matchmaker, who is the founder of N.Y.A. Love & Dating Services. Listen as we dive in deep with this expert about what it takes to bravely move through the dating world and how she helps those serious about love find it in themselves and in their future partners. 


You have questions for Chi Love? You can DM her on instagram @nyalovebychi or email at

5 Dating Myths Your Girlfriends Are Telling You That May Be Keeping You Single

Joy and James bust up some dating myths that have been long overdue to be debunked and moved out of the way for your glow up in dating. 

Part 3 of 3 of Communication Series: Nonviolent Communication

In this episode, James & Joy talk about the final kind of communication they want to cover as important in healthy connected relationships. Joy & James will share some examples and even role plays so you leave understanding when you may not be meeting the mark for healthy communication in your relationship.

Part 2 of 3 of Communication Series: Direct Communication

Joy & James continue to share the importance to communication in relationships and dive deep into helping you understand the pitfalls of not having direct communication in your relationship and what it looks like when you're doing it right. 

Part 1 of 3 Part Communication Series: Active Listening

Goddesses, in this episode, Joy & James will discuss what active listening is in healthy relationships, why it's important and keys signs you may be lacking in your active listening skills. 

Goddess, Let’s Talk About Sex: Exploring Intimacy, Betrayal, Connection With Self & Others

In this episode, James & Joy are excited to interview Renelle Nelson, LMFT, CST, IRC, and get her expert wisdom on how to tap into our sexual power, embrace intimacy and not be afraid of deep connection in your relationships. 

Some suggested reading from our guest:

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

The Power of Vulnerability

Becoming Cliterate


Want more nuggets from Renelle? Follow her on instagram @noixsextherapist

Thinking about glowing up in this area, maybe after an affair or sexual concerns? Consult with Renelle. See her @affairaftercare and @kaleidoscope on instagram to get started.


Creating Your Own Path, Battling Self Doubt & Winning the War of Self Love for the Glow Up

In this episode, James & Joy interview a special guest. She's a solopenuer, Goddess & fashion designer. She is Derrica Lyons, living in South Florida, from way of the Bahamas. Join while Derrica shares her wisdom on how she overcame any doubt from self, others or the world while staying on her own path to the glow up she loves living. 

To follow Derrica's fashions, find her on instagram @iamderricalyons & @ankarajunkie

Derrica's latest design creations can be found on

Alone Vs Lonely: Goddess Know the Difference & Navigate Back to Connected

In this episode, Joy & James explain what is to be alone and how this bridges to lonely. Feelings you may be experiencing while feeling disconnected by human connection will be explored and even normalized so you know you are not alone in your desire for meaningful relationships. Don't leave without some tools to get you back to a healthy mindset and feeling empowered to reconnect again. 

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