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Evolving in Your Goddess Glow

We love Keba's music, what she exemplifies and a musical and magic making goddess. Here's another one of our favorite originals of hers, Stay
If I'm going to recommend reading books, I might as well share a book I've loved that you might too! 
Starting here wouldn't be a bad idea :)  
We're off to our Valentine's Day Concert in Deering Estate and wishing you all a loved filled weekend. Look for out for our next episode March 1st.

Glow Your Goddess Introduction

Check out Keba and The Usual Suspects at the Moonlight & Music Valentine's Day Concert on February 14th. We'll be there sharing the love with her for sure!

We gave you an intro to Keba when you logged on and heard her original track created for the Glow Your Goddess Podcast. Listen to more of her goddess voice with some other powerful original tracks. This goddess is glowing up!


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