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Attachment Styles Decoded-Understanding How You Attach or Detach in Your Relationships

Goddess, in this episode we will talk about the primary attachment styles that show up in our intimate relationships. Don't know what that is or what yours is? Well you will before this episode is over! We're giving you just one more tool for you to glow up your self discovery game and glow in your relationships. 

As a resource to give you more guidance around managing your attachment style, check out:

Love Factually is an amazing source for those dating and she has some tried and true tips to get you over any fears of intimacy. 

AND... I'm also bringing you my own guidance to glow with my recently published goddess guide, Why Won't He Call?: Empowering You to Glow Your Goddess in Relationships.  In these pages are some serious gems that I've witnessed being utilized by so many woman, who have finally started to show up in the world the way their inner goddess has always wanted them to. Pre-sale has started for the Kindle Edition! Check it out here:

Until next time, keep it moving and glow girl. Glow. 


Original Glow Your Goddess Music Credit: Keba Music


Protecting Your Relationships: A Goddess Maintaining a Sacred Space from the Noise of the World

In this episode Joy & James discuss how to glow your goddess in your relationship, for the sake of your relationship and as a result of your sacred space of your relationship. We must pour into our connections with others so that when needed, we can tap into the love between two souls that need a safe haven from the rest of the madness that we face daily.

Below you'll find an article supporting the importance of making your relationship sacred:

Yet again, we're lucky enough to share in some more Keba Music to inspire us in how we glow! She's expressing her hearts muses on her sacred relationship, through her original song "Somebody" Take a listen!


New Relationships: A Goddess Navigating That Trip of “Falling” In Love

In this episode we are exploring what is "Love Bombing," who does it, how do they do it and why. After that listen up as we discuss the insanity of falling in love, the good, the bad and the ugly. Can a goddess glow in all of this? Absolutely. 

Inquiring minds would like to know. Was your first falling in love experience something you regret or something you cherish? Drop a yes or no in the comments!

Speaking of being all in love, don't miss our favorite goddess, Keba's new song "Pillow Talk," where you get that whole fresh love vibe coming through your speakers. Love the beat, love the voice, the lyrics, love her!

And as promised, here's the link for the Wall Street Journal article outlining what the actual experience of falling of love is in our brain.

Look out for our next episode, March 15th, where we'll be recording from the other sunny spot outside of Florida....California :)

Keba at Deering Estate Glowing her Goddess

We’re enjoying our time in Miami! Keba Joy performs her original song “Stay”, live on Valentine’s Day. Want some more magic in your headphones? Check out

Evolving in Your Goddess Glow

We love Keba's music, what she exemplifies and a musical and magic making goddess. Here's another one of our favorite originals of hers, Stay
If I'm going to recommend reading books, I might as well share a book I've loved that you might too! 
Starting here wouldn't be a bad idea :)  
We're off to our Valentine's Day Concert in Deering Estate and wishing you all a loved filled weekend. Look for out for our next episode March 1st.

Glow Your Goddess Introduction

Check out Keba and The Usual Suspects at the Moonlight & Music Valentine's Day Concert on February 14th. We'll be there sharing the love with her for sure!

We gave you an intro to Keba when you logged on and heard her original track created for the Glow Your Goddess Podcast. Listen to more of her goddess voice with some other powerful original tracks. This goddess is glowing up!


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