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Attachment Styles Decoded-Understanding How You Attach or Detach in Your Relationships

April 1, 2020

Goddess, in this episode we will talk about the primary attachment styles that show up in our intimate relationships. Don't know what that is or what yours is? Well you will before this episode is over! We're giving you just one more tool for you to glow up your self discovery game and glow in your relationships. 

As a resource to give you more guidance around managing your attachment style, check out:

Love Factually is an amazing source for those dating and she has some tried and true tips to get you over any fears of intimacy. 

AND... I'm also bringing you my own guidance to glow with my recently published goddess guide, Why Won't He Call?: Empowering You to Glow Your Goddess in Relationships.  In these pages are some serious gems that I've witnessed being utilized by so many woman, who have finally started to show up in the world the way their inner goddess has always wanted them to. Pre-sale has started for the Kindle Edition! Check it out here:

Until next time, keep it moving and glow girl. Glow. 


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